From the Server Room to the Dev Team

In the last 10 or so years of my career, I have identified three-team patterns or topologies as being the most commonly used for DevOps teams and Devs:

  • – Infrastructure as a service
  • – A fully-shared responsibility
  • – SRE team


This topic is of high contention between Software Developers and DevOps teams and I would like to provide the former’s perspectives on these practices, the positives, and the negatives; and how these two groups can better collaborate in the future.


  • Marina Malaguti
    Marina Malaguti

    Marina Malaguti is the Director of Data Science & Engineering at Jellyvision, one of the fastest-growing and most successful companies in Chicago. She is a fierce technology leader with a keen eye for problem-solving.

    Her cross-industry knowledge (e-Commerce, Industrial AI and IoT, and FinHealth Technology), has played a key role in her successful implementation of data-driven solutions, not just at Jellyvision, but at numerous Chicago Tech companies over the course of her career.


Jun 24 2020


3:45 pm - 4:15 pm