First Enterprise ICINGA in Brazil – C&A Case of Study

At C&A we worked to replace CA spectrum monitoring at the central datacenter and more than 250 stores. Our Icinga 2 setup currently has approximately 200.000 checks. During this project, we designed a methodology for the command center team and also developed integrations for internal services. Our main challenge is to aggregate some business information in the monitoring stack. To achieve this, we developed some .NET plugins to locally read business information placed on logs and in POS Oracle databases. We adopted an Elastic as a destination for monitoring data, combined with Filebeat instances across the company to gather additional info in the same repository. Grafana/Kibana takes place to show that information. This presentation is a case study of this project.


  • Gabriel Cavalcante
    Gabriel Cavalcante
    SSYS Sistemas

    Msc Degre in Computer Science by UNICAMP, works with open-source projects since 2008. Director at SSYS, a brazilian company that works with software development and automation.


Jun 24 2020


4:45 pm - 5:15 pm