Endless different projects – one monitoring

We manage many different projects and every project has something special or unique. A few years ago, we decided to redesign our approach to monitoring to better account for the many differences. At that time we took a look at some different products and we chose Icinga2. Now we have deployed our new monitoring to many of our projects and have evolved our approach.

While doing this, our teams learned a lot of new stuff and discovered solutions to their specific problems. I want to show you the state of our monitoring, including a tour of integrations and automations that help us keep up with our challenging reality.


  • Martin Schurz
    Martin Schurz

    Martin Schurz works at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH and is responsible for planning and running applications. He spends a lot of time optimizing and automating our IT operations. And he is always happy to share his knowledge or provide assistance to our colleagues and customers.


Jun 25 2020


10:00 am - 10:30 am