Do You Dare to Run Icinga2 in Kubernetes?

Some people claim that you can run almost anything in Kubernetes, others say you shouldn’t use it for anything stateful in production. As always the truth lies probably somewhere in the middle… but is it a good idea to run Icinga2 in a Kubernetes cluster? Let’s find out by doing exactly that. In just 30 minutes we can’t go from zero to production ready but we can get to a proof of concept that allows us to see what’s different to a more “traditional” Icinga2 setup. Let’s see what goes wrong along the way and find out what our options are to solve those issues. Do we end up with something you dare to run in production?


  • Max Rosin
    Max Rosin
    SysEleven GmbH

    Max Rosin works as a Systems Engineer at SysEleven GmbH, a managed hosting company from Germany. At SysEleven he is responsible for most monitoring related topics. During the last year he joined forces with colleagues to make Kubernetes as accessible as possible for other colleagues and customers while still ensuring a high standard for software running in production.
    Previously, Max spoke at conferences about monitoring and the migration of large legacy infrastructures to modern automated setups. Internally, he regularly teaches new topics to his colleagues.


Jun 25 2020


3:45 pm - 4:15 pm