Why was the IcingaConf 2020 cancelled?

Due to the current situation in Europe, with the novel coronavirus spreading, we see ourselves obligated to cancel IcingaConf 2020. At the moment the cancellation is certainly the only right decision. Health concerns and wellbeing come first.


Will the IcingaConf for 2020 be completely cancelled or postponed to another date?

We will not move IcingaConf 2020 to another date within this year. However, we are already planing for IcingaConf 2022! Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information.


What happens to tickets already purchased and paid for IcingaConf?

Attendees get a full refund on their purchase.


When and how are tickets already purchased refunded?

Cancelling a conference with so many people included is a complex task and it needs some time, especially in the current situation. We will initiate the refund within the next days. You don’t have to do anything to initiate that process.


I’m a speaker. Do I have to do anything on my own because of the cancellation?

As a speaker you received a dedicated notification – check your mails. If there’s anything for you to do, we will let you know personally. Thank you for your support!